Mahasiswa Cambridge University Melakukan Plonco Porno Kepada Mahasiswi


Sejumlah mahasiswa di Cambridge University mempermalukan almamaternya. Mereka mengadakan tradisi perpeloncoan terhadap anggota baru dengan melakukan gerakan-gerakan yang menjurus pada simulasi seks. Bahkan, bisa dibilang sangat jorok dan porno.

Pimpinan kampus terkenal di Inggris itu terkejut dengan beredarnya foto-foto mahasiswi dengan tangan dan kaki terikat sedang menggunakan mulut untuk memasukkan kondom ke dalam pisang yang digantung pada celana sejumlah mahasiswa.

Setelah diusut, para mahasiswi tersebut adalah anggota perkumpulan mahasiswa Newnham Nuns di mana anggotanya suka minum-minuman keras.

Foto-foto lain yang diambil tahun lalu itu menunjukkan seorang mahasiswa S-1 dengan bangga meminum minuman keras dari corong. Tradisi perpeloncoan lainnya termasuk meminum segalon air berisi ikan emas hidup.

Seorang konsultan kejiwaan, Adrian Boyle, membenarkan bawah sejumlah mahasiswi terlibat pesta mabuk-mabukan dalam beberapa tahun terakhir. "Beberapa di antaranya juga dianiaya," katanya kepada The Sun, Sabtu (7/2).

Aktivis keprihatinan alkohol, Carys Davies, menegaskan bahwa tindakan para mahasiswa itu bukanlah contoh terpuji. Serikat Mahasiswa Nasional dalam pernyataannya menuntut upacara perpeloncoan berbahaya itu dihentikan. Sementara itu, seorang juru bicara Cambridge University mengatakan, "Kami akan menjamin para mahasiswa bertindak bertanggung jawab." (kompas)


The Best, Free Alternatives to Nero CD/DVD Burner


By Shankar Ganesh

Nero is one of the best piece of softwares available in the market for CD/DVD Burning Purposes, but it’s quite expensive. It’s bulky and comes with a lot of programs that you’ll never really use.

Why not try some freeware CD DVD Burning Apps applications that can serve as an alternative to Nero Burning ROM for your Windows PC?

1. CDBurnerXP


This is by far the most popular free alternative to the expensive Nero Software. Works on Vista as well, and here’s a features-highlight from CDBurnerXP:

  • Multi Language Interface

  • Support for Blu Ray/HD DVD

  • BIN > ISO converter included

Download CDBurnerXP

2. InfraRecorder


This is the software that I currently use on my computer as a Nero alternative, and I must tell, it’s damn simple and straightforward. Has all that you might expect in a CD DVD Burning software like Nero. Some highlights from this Nero alternative include:

  • Support for Multi-Session

  • Very Light on Resources

  • Support for not just ISO, but also BIN and CUE images

  • Burning on Dual Layer DVDs is supported

Download InfraRecorder

3. DeepBurner (Free Edition)


Another good alternative. Available both as a regular and portable app. So if you want something you can carry around on your USB Flash Drive then check this one out.

  • Supports both internal and external CD/DVD writers.

  • Burn any data, copy any disc.

  • Create multiple disk copies.

  • Make ISO CDs.

  • Print CD labels.

Download DeepBurner

4. Ultimate CD/DVD Burner

This simple solution can serve all your basic CD burning needs. Similar to above Deepburner, there is a portable version. The only thing I don’t like about this one is interface, it reminds of Windows 95.

  • CD Photo Albums creation

  • Easy Backup CD creation

  • Disk copying

  • ISO Creation and Burning

Download Ultimate CD/DVD Burner

5. Burn At Once


Burn At Once is another good CD/DVD Burning Application. It can copy discs on the fly and has the following unique features:

  • Tagging of media by importing data from FreeDB

  • Multi Language Support

  • Drag and Drop Interface

However, it looks like support for this application is stagnant at the moment.

Download Burn At Once

6. Burn Aware Free Edition


This relatively new software is creating waves, and it’s intuitive interface is attracting users. It’s very light on resources, and supports every other format that you can imagine (including Blu Ray). Burning is fast because this software burns data directly on to the medium, instead of waiting for ‘hard disk staging’

Download BurnAware

7. ImgBurn


Another software that’s worth mentioning here is ImgBurn. It’s a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that can be installed both on Windows and Linux PCs. It’s probably the most extensive out of all. If you’re looking for something advanced and with lots of features ImgBurn seems like a good candidate.

Download ImgBurn

Do let us know about your experiences with these software in the comments. Have I missed out any? Shoot out your voices, come and discuss!

(By) Shankar Ganesh, a 16 year old Student and Freelance Writer from India. Killer Tech Tips is his blog.


How To Make A Smart Choice With Our DVD Players Review


By: Jim Johnson

The technology for dvd players has been around long enough now that it has matured and most dvd players on the market these days can be considered quality units with solid, useful features. But some are better than others. We decide to review dvd players that are available today and see which ones offer the best value for the buck.

If you read most independent reviews of dvd players these days it becomes apparent that the top manufacturers including Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and Apex all produce excellent quality equipment that perform consistently well. However one trend becomes apparent though. Many dvd players are sold with DVI(digital visual interface) or HDMI(high-definition multimedia interface) as an alternative to the composite and S-video connections commonly seen on dvd players in the past. The difference is supposed to be that the DVI and HDMI connections are straight digital to digital connections when used with HDTVs, whereas the digital signal is converted to analog for transmission through a S-video and composite video cable and then converted back to digital on HDTVs. This is supposed to provide cleaner video since it avoids the conversions between analog and digital.

However many consumer reviewers report that the difference just isn't all that apparent and may not be worth paying the extra money for the DVI or HDMI connections. So most people can actually do just fine with most conventionally priced dvd players on the market instead.

Here are a few models that have scored well in many dvd player reviews:

1. A very popular and inexpensive dvd player is the Pioneer DV-578A. It is a progressive scan player which has a component video output for improved video performance and a built in Dolby 5.1 surround sound decoder. It also is capable of playing various DVD formats including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and both CD-R and CD-RW as well. It's a high quality versatile single disc player that would do a great job in any home entertainment setup. Cost - around $100.

2. The JVC XV-N510B is another dvd player in this single disc category that rates very highly on many consumer dvd player reviews. It also can use component video outputs for better video display, supports both Dolby and DTS 5.1 surround sound as well as virtual surround sound for those that have only a two speaker system, and features audio dynamic range control to help limit excessively loud sounds. It also displays practically all DVD disc formats that you could use even including DVD-RAM. Cost - around $120.

When you read a dvd player rating here on the web or elsewhere you often see these two models listed very highly and given excellent reviews. So why pay more for features that don't really offer more value? By choosing models like the ones mentioned above and their counterparts you can get great performance and great value in the same package.