Buying a Portable DVD Player for Your Car


Levi Quinn

When buying a DVD player for your car, it is advisable to consider portable players. Portable DVD players reduce the monotony of traveling and also offer some form of peace in regard to the provision of headphones. Nowadays, vehicles come with a standard DVD player that is built-in, but one can add their personal Multimedia system or DVD player into their existing vehicle. When a family vehicle is installed with a DVD player, besides the kids maintaining silence on the road trips, passengers on the front seats are provided with a diversion when faced by bland highway scenery. The latter largely depends on which position of the car the DVD player is mounted. Due to the illegalities and risk of drivers watching DVD players while driving, there are particular systems that permit passengers to make use of headphones while listening and watching the DVD, and in the meantime, a CD plays through the stereo speakers specifically for any other passenger on the front seat and the driver. While shopping for a DVD player for your car, one should consider buying those that have an ability of displaying favorite movies through small screens while the sound they pump out is comparable to bigger machines of the same version.

One main advantage of the portable DVD player is that one can use it even away from the car like in cruise ships, airplanes, hotels or even campsites. It is also compatible and can be connected to larger TV screens or home theaters through a digital optical link with S-video and audio cables, while disregarding the provided RCA cables. Choosing a DVD player for your car largely depends on one’s budget and needs. Portable DVD players can be purchased and for power, they are simply plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car. The removal of portable DVD players is rather easy, but those built specifically for vehicles are permanently mounted. When a design of the component system is the client’s choice, it is possible to mount the monitor on brackets or opt to replace the normal headrests with the monitor embedded ones. The folding down monitors who are also available in the market is, usually installed in the ceiling, similar to those on airplanes.

Similar to buying home DVD players, when buying a car DVD player, one requires choosing one capable of playing the same type of formats of the DVD that they use. This is especially important when one records their own DVDs and in the case of burning personal DVDs, the one required should be capable of playing DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, or DVD-R, though this depends on the particular format in use. In the case of batteries, most setups of DVDs requiring batteries come inclusive of rechargeable batteries. Some are even capable of using AA batteries in emergencies where the rechargeable batteries run out. When buying a DVD player with a theater system that is full-fledged and is incorporated with a TV tuner, one should buy a good quality antenna to receive perfect reception. On antennas, users are strongly recommended by experts to specialize on dual antennas.