DVD Players


By : Pooja Lapasia

DVD players are now being widely given away with LCD TVs

as printers are given away with laptops and computers. The DVD player market has evolved over a period. They were hot selling at a point of time but now they have been replaced by other technologies like Divx players and Avi players. The DVD players now only play DVD format files which is a big letdown, as many other formats of files are been preferred.

The DVD quality is truly commendable but the divx file format takes up less disk space and provides quality at par with DVD. While one can store three DVD format movies in a DVD disk, six movies can be stored in the divx format. This almost doubles the number of movies one can carry and also relishing on the same quality.

If you burn an avi or a divx format file into the DVD format and burn in a disk, it would still not play in DVD players. The reason being it doesn’t detect the file. DVD players sold in India do not support this other file format viewing. So you are either restricted to buy original DVDs or VCDs for viewing. If you have home videos and they are in a different file format it is not possible to play them on a DVD player easily.

The DVD players are large in size and occupy a considerable space. The portable divx players on the other hand are more feasible and also come with a LCD screen display. The DVD players are a good investment for someone who likes to watch movies on original DVDs. Thus the player won’t cause any damage to your DVD collection and will provide the best output.

DVD Players have been improvised; the best DVD players in the market now come with USB ports and memory card slots. They help you connect your flash-based pen drives directly onto the DVD player and listen to your favourite music instantly. There are many low price DVD players now available, as their prices have been dipped by the on going competition from other devices.

You can buy DVD players online at popular online shopping based websites. These sites will give you a through review of a DVD player and also give you comparison of products across brands. You can buy the one that suits your needs and lives up to your budget.