USB WriteProtector: Proteksi USB Anda Dari Virus


USB you often get the virus because it can be written (write) and modified by a virus? Well one solution that can prevent this ...

How it works, copy files and folders UsbWriteProtect.exe language into your USB. UsbWriteProtect.exe continue to open the file, there will be options such as below:

Protection after ON in order to work (the file can not be written), USB plug must be removed first. If the change in the ON position to OFF does not need to.

Download: Link1 - Link2

USB drives are probably the easiest and lightest way to move with your data from one place to another, but do allow the PCs you plug your drive into have good anti virus protection? Chances are that your tiny USB drive has become a haven for viruses and can infect any PC including your own.

USB Write Protector is a tiny portable software that shields your USB drive from pesky viruses and trojans by disabling the write functionality. This could be pretty useful when you want to only read data from the USB drive on public computers.